The Big Lebowski Haikus

Inspirational. Motivational. Hysterical.

The Big Lebowski Haiku #188

Chinaman is not
The preferred nomenclature
I am the walrus

The Big Lebowski Haiku #187

In the Volkswagen
They kept saying they believe
This is what happens

The Big Lebowski Haiku #186

Son’s a fucking dunce
Miserable piece of shit
Prick is stonewalling

The Big Lebowksi Haiku #185

And a good bowler
Sure as shit don’t fucking roll
Your bullshit money

The Big Lebowski Haiku #184

My advice to you
Fucking nihilists around here
Put the piece away

The Big Lebowski Haiku #183

Strict drug regimen
You’re not gonna believe this
Thai stick and a J

If jethrowilbury likes and reblogs your stuff and follows you and whatnot, and you don’t know where he came from, it’s because he is me. That’s my main blog, and I started this one, not expecting it to become so popular, so they are under the same account info, so I can’t follow people as fuckinalebowskihaikus, but I can as jethrowilbury. Just wanted to make sure you know I love you all, brothers and sisters under Dude!

Feeling Very Un-Dude

Someone removed the
Caption from the gif of Sam
Elliott I made

The Big Lebowski Haiku #182

Shit has come to light
Why don’t you fucking listen
Take another look

Academy Awards 2014

Tonight is the night
The statues shaped like Oscar
Will be taken home

The Big Lebowski Haiku #181

About my briefcase
In bed with ev’ry body
Buncha crybabies

The Big Lebowski Haiku #180

Slowest response time
L.A. Police Department
Walter had a gun

The Big Lebowski Haiku #179

Lotta Thai stick
Smoking in Lebowski’s house
Marijuana joint